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Old Quarried Cotswold Roof

Old Quarried Stone

Old Quarried

Old Quarried stones are cast pieces that mimic square-cut, thick slabs, creating an oversized look with a strong horizontal shadow line.  Old Quarried is a perfect option for thick slate and blue stone materials.  They are cast from a large inventory of molds to prevent any repeating details on the roof.   Old Quarried can be installed on battens or directly to the deck using a graduated installation method.


Old quarried is perfect for Modern, Contemporary, Nordic, or Urban designs; our stones work with almost any design style.

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Technical Details

Old Quarried is available in both weathered gray buff and the new lichen green for an instantly aged look. 

*Custom color commissions considered on application.



Installation down to 6/12, stones can be installed directly to the deck or on battens in high snow load areas. Stones can be fastened with screws or nails. No sorting or grading is required pre-installation; a roof guide covering the graduations for each section is provided for quick installation.



All materials are manufactured in Great Britain, and all testing is completed at US labs to ensure quality and longevity in harsh climates.


Manufactured in the UK at a state-of-the-art factory. Heritage products are cast from over 100 molds taken from natural Cotswold stone pieces.  Once cured, the pieces are inspected by hand before being crated for shipping. 


Old Quarried is 100% green; 100% of the materials can be repurposed or recycled when they come to their end life.

Download our PDF brochure to learn more about our products.

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Old Quarried Stone: Text
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