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Enjoy a number of our Cotswold Stone Roof Projects from around North America.

Edsel and Eleanor Ford House2.jpeg

Restoration & Repair

We're proud to have sourced and supplied stones for repair of the beautiful Edsel and Eleanor Ford House in Grosse Pointe MI.

Old Quarried Stone Roof Cotswold Heritage

Seaside Cottage

Tucked away from the beach this family cottage is a standout example of the use of both exterior stonework and a Heritage Cotswold stone roof.

Heritage Cotswold Stone Roof Dormer

No detail left unchecked

With swept valleys, vertical stone, custom snow retention, and a custom color this one-off roof is an example of how far we will go to fulfill our clients' dreams.

Cotswold Stone Roof Heritage Cotswold

Modern Update

The roof tells the story of an aged and weathered building but the strong vertical lines and oversized windows bring a modern contrast to this home.

Conservation Cotswold Stone Roof

Long Island Life

The project was a reinvention of family home now used as a summer cottage.  Beautiful open spaces for entertaining and relaxing.

Old Quarried Slab Slate Cotswold Roof

Family Home

Classic heritage Cotswold, mitered hips, and vertical stone application give this family home a unique look.

Cotswold Stone Roof Conservation Heritage

Roof Restoration

Not every project is a new home or large renovation, this roof required a large repair from its original installation.

Cotswold Cottage  Natural Stone Roof

Country home

Coming soon this existing property gets an extensive addition with a heritage Cotswold roof.

Coming soon cotswold stone house

Coming Soon.

Built from the ground up this home will push our skills of creating an aged and weathered-looking roof to the limit.

Old Quarried Stone Roof

Farm House

A  farmhouse gets a major upgrade with an Old Quarried stone roof.

Cotswold Stone Roof Conservation Heritage

Rustic Stone

Coming soon, this property gets an extensive addition with a heritage Cotswold roof.


Coming Soon.

Stay tuned for more updates on projects from around North America.

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