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Cotswold Stone

New & Reclaimed Cotswold Stones

Quarried from limestone deposits around the Cotswolds, these stones are the most rustic.

Left to weather and split but finished by hand, these stones are roughly 2ft in length with at least one nail hole.   Like the Heritage stones, the natural stones are installed using a diminishing or graduation, with the largest stones at the eave smallest at the ridge.

Typically heavier than Heritage stones, some of the largest eave stones can be upwards of 50 lbs each. 

Natural stones can be ordered new or as reclaimed stones.  They are sorted by size and shipped in pallets directly to the job site.  Due to the rough split finish, there is a bit of extra work required to get some of the pieces to fit.

Natural Cotswold stone roofs are expected to last upwards of 100 years in most weather conditions.  If your project is in a location with a particularly harsh climate please discuss this with one of our team.


Cotswold Stone Roof Valley
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More Details.

Natural stone roofs can be installed directly to the roof deck or on a counter batten system.  It is recommended with this style of roof that the roof's pitch be quite steep to aid in the shedding of water or snow.

The material will arrive packed in pallets that need to be sorted before installation.  We will work with the installer to help create a plan for the installation and graduation of the roof.


Natural Cotswold stone is 100% green, meaning that 100% of the materials can be repurposed or recycled at their end of life.

Download our PDF brochure to learn more about our products.

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Heritage Cotswold Stone: Text
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