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Cotswold Stone Roofs


Cotswold Stone Roofs

Welcome to Cotswold Stone Roofs, the leading North American importer of natural and heritage stone roofing products from the UK for over 20 years. Our team of experts ensures that we use only the finest materials and techniques to produce the highest-quality results for your project. We work hand in hand with homeowners, builders, and architects across North America to ensure that all parties are completely happy with the results. Our services don't end at sourcing and importing materials; we can consult on color selection, technical specifications, and installation methods.

At Cotswold Stone Roofs, we are committed to providing the highest quality natural and heritage stone roofing products and services. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you with your project.

Cotswold Stone Roof Styles

We offer a wide range of natural and man-made heritage stone roofing. In combination with our network around the UK will source the perfect material for your project.


Our man-made heritage products offer all of the beauty of the classic Cotswold and split stone without the challenges that come with sourcing, shipping, sorting, and installing reclaimed Cotswold stone. With over 20 years of use across North America, our Conservation and Old Quarried products have a proven use history.



Rough stone surface and edges. large sizing, .75"+ thick, graduated install.

Large size, thick slab style, large dimension, split sharp edges, 1" + thick.

Reclaimed and new natural Cotswold stone. 

Cotswold Heritage Stone Roof Cottage

A little bit of background

Cotswold Stone History.

The Cotswolds is a rural area in south-central England filled with rolling farmland, country lanes, and quaint villages. This area is known for its creamy golden limestone, used extensively on walls and roofs dating back to the Romans. This limestone or Cotswold stone is rich in color and character with a chamfered split edge or saw-cut thicker hard edge.   Stones can be  24” in plus length and up to 2” in thickness.


As the world evolved, so did architectural styles, and the Cotswold stone quarries started to close. As the material became hard to find, an alternative process was developed; casting. With molds cast from original Cotswold stones, the new "Heritage" materials kept all of the best texture, color, and finish but removed the details, which increased the installation time and cost. Heritage materials such as Conservation and Old Quarried can be used in most climates, with ASTM and CSA testing.  All stones come neatly sorted and packed in crates, ready to use without additional sorting or grading.  With over twenty years of importing Heritage Cotswold Stone Roofs, we're proud to continue the tradition of this roofing style.


Conservation: Our most popular option is a multi-size, multi-width rough surface stone that replicates the look of a natural Cotswold stone roof.  This man-made stone is offered for graduated installation using up to ten unique lengths and widths.  Conservation is produced from 100's molds cast from natural Cotswold stones.  This casting method ensures the authenticity of the material and prevents any repetition on the roof.  ASTM Grade 1 certified for use across North America.


Old Quarried:  Cast from unique molds with square edges, a smooth surface, and a generous 1.5”+ thickness, this stone slab replicates a look usually found in the northern parts of the Cotswolds.   These roofs create a heavy slab stone look with sharp horizontal lines and smooth surfaces.  Installed by graduating the stone sizes and available to be installed directly to the roof deck.  Colors range from weathered buffs and now custom darker colors on application. ASTM Grade 1 certified for use across North America.

Reclaimed Stone:  Interested in the most authentic Cotswold stone roof for your project?  Look no further, as we can source and import reclaimed and new Cotswold stone. With their split finish, these stones are the most rustic and are often installed on battens.   Colors range from rich golden creams to weathered browns and grays. We offer both new and reclaimed materials should you need them for repair or restoration.

Cotswold Heritage Stone Roof Cottage

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