Cotswold Stone Roofs


A modern twist on a very old roof

Projects and clients can be challenging we all know that. Did your clients request a slate roof but now want something thicker or more rustic?  Are they building a cottage, but the color pallet of slate isn't working?  Are you drawing a modern home and looking for something more natural feeling than metal or black slate?    

Cotswold Stone comes in a wide range of natural colors, thicknesses, and sizes.  Stone can be roughly split or can be produced as a thick slab.


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Cotswold Stone Roof Styles

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Rough split stone surface, multi-length, and width.

Large size, thick slab style, multi-width and length

Custom Development

Bespoke designs for your custom project.


A little bit of background

Where did this all get started?

The Cotswolds is a rural area in south-central England filled with rolling farmland, country lanes, and quaint villages. This area is known for its creamy golden limestone, used extensively on walls and roofs dating back to the Romans. This limestone or Cotswold stone is rich in color, and its character is found with a chamfered split edge or saw cut thicker hard edge.   Stones can be up to 24” in length and 2” in thickness.


As the world evolved, so did the famous Cotswold stone. It no longer needed to be quarried; it is now cast by molds taken from original stones. The same familiar warm and aged colors bring this “Heritage” stone to life. Safe for use in all climates, the stone is ready for export abroad to add a touch of warmth and color to everything from simple cottages to estate homes.


Heritage Cotswold: A multi-size, multi-width split surface stone that replicates what you would traditionally find in most Cotswolds. This stone is offered for graduated installation using up to five lengths of stone. Its hand-split surface and warm golden creamy color will brighten any project.


Old Quarried:  Cast with square edges, a smoother surface, and a generous 1¾” thickness, this stone slab is found in the northern parts of the Cotswolds.   Contemporary homes can benefit from stone with clean horizontal lines and smooth surfaces without being limited to thin slate or perfectly smooth metal roofs.  Available in weathered buffs and now custom darker colors on application.



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