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Heritage Conservation Stone

The Classic "Cotswold" roof style.

Have you been dreaming of a natural Cotswold stone roof since you saw it in The Holiday or Downton Abbey?  Did you fall in love with the golden honey color of the stone and promise that you'd one day build the home of your dreams? Are you looking for a stone roof without the traditional look of slate?

We have been importing Bradstone UK products in partnership for nearly 20 years, fulfilling clients' dreams of having a Cotswold stone roof in North America.

Classic "Cotswold"

Conservation stone creates a unique look, never to be confused with any other stone with its colour, rough surface, split finish edges, and a wide variety of lengths and widths.


Similar to the historic quarried stone,  Conservation shares its size, variety, and colour as a man-made cast stone.  This engineering project solves all of the time-consuming issues found in the installation of a natural stone.  


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Conservation is available in weathered gray & light buff.  Stone color is a natural random process created during the mixing and casting. All stones are color, though.

*Custom color commissions considered on application.

Conservation is installed using a diminishing graduated installation. To aid in the installation pace, each piece is cast with a nib to hang on a horizontal batten.  This feature significantly increases the installation rate over conventional slate.  Each stone has two nail holes for secure fastening, and the roof can be installed down to a 5/12 pitch.  For roofs below 5/12, additional waterproofing is required. Installed weight can be up to 2400 Lbs Per SQ ( 100SQft), depending on the final blend.


All materials are manufactured in Great Britain, and all testing is completed at US labs to ensure quality and longevity in harsh climates.  All materials meet and exceed the requirements for ASTM Grade 1.


Manufactured in the UK by Bradstone ( Aggreagate industries ) at a state-of-the-art factory. Conservation stones are cast from over 100 molds from natural Cotswold stone pieces.  The large number of molds ensures that the roof will always appear random without the chance of a repeating stone. Once cured, the pieces are inspected by hand before being crated for shipping. 
Heritage conservation is 100% green, meaning that 100% of the materials can be repurposed or recycled at their end of life.

Download our PDF brochure to learn more about our products.

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Heritage Cotswold Stone: Text
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