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"The Cotswolds" A little bit of background.

Why does this small area in England garner so much attention? Here is a little bit of background on the region.

“Cotswolds” the word is two old English words “Cots”- a sheep enclosure and “Wolds” – gentle hills. To Cotswolds means land with rolling hills and sheep.

Found in south-central England, the Cotswold’s covers nearly 800 square miles encompassing five counties, Gloucestershire, Oxfordshire, Warwickshire, Wiltshire, and Worcestershire.

It is best known for its picturesque rolling hills, lush meadows, and distinctive golden-colored Cotswold stone. Quarried from a bedrock of Jurassic limestone, Cotswold stone can be found in walls, on roofs, and covering the façade of most structures in the region. The stone will vary in color depending on its quarried location, from golden honey in the south to a whiter gray in the north.

In the 1934 book, English Journey the color was described as.

“The truth is that it has no color that can be described. Even when the sun is obscured, and the light is cold, these walls are still faintly warm and luminous, as if they knew the trick of keeping the lost sunlight of centuries glimmering about them.”

The Cotswolds are an area of outstanding natural beauty in any season. Bringing the warmth of Cotswold stone to your next project will create something truly unique.

Northern Roof Tiles Canada has been working with English quarries since the early 2000’s importing natural stone for both roofing and facades and manufactured roofing stone.

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